Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Race Report #0: Cross Country Debut

Well, just like that my cross country cherry has been popped. I'm fairly pleased with how it all went - more so now that I've seen the results than when I actually finished.

The course itself was described as relatively easy compared to other cross country courses. This has now put the fear of God into me about the courses in the new year! It comprised of 3 laps around a park and woodland, with the first lap a large lap that differed from the last two. All in all it was around the 5 mile mark. Weather wise, we were blessed with a crisp winter morning. No wind or rain so I was happy enough with that. I chose to wear my under armour cold top under my club singlet and didn't feel too warm or cold at any stage so I reckon I'll go with that again in the next few races.

I arrived at the race point earlier than I needed so I had to walk around a bit to keep myself warm. I got some good stretches in and a decent warm up which comprised of a light jog and a few 50 metre sprints at the end. I then gave myself ten minutes or so of doing nothing before sauntering over to the starting point.

From the off I stayed a few metres of the pace of the lead group of ten. As I'm not really used to this terrain the slight hills we had to deal with caused me a bit of discomfort but overall I'm very happy with the workout it gave me. For the last two miles I could feel myself struggling a bit but dug in as much as I possibly could. I think its the first race I've done that I've been fighting the pain from the start until the finish and even at one stage as I tried (unsuccessfully) to pass someone on one of the hills thought I was going to throw up. Thankfully that uphill ended and I got to coast down the downhill, recomposing myself to try the overtake again.

As I said, I saw the results and times yesterday so found out that I finished less than 2 minutes off the race winner and one of the first from my club home. Now I just have to work on the fitness and some hard training will hopefully start early in the new year. Roll on the next race...
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