Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lost in London

I'm in a bit of a grumpy mood after today's run. 2 reasons:
  • I think it turned my head cold into a full blown cold (I don't believe in the flu - its just a cold)
  • the group of lads I was out with went a tad faster than planned

I'm relatively new at the club and London for that matter so I don't really know where I am when on the club runs. Actually, it was my first time doing today's route so I hadn't a clue where the hell I was - just following from the back.

Anywho... before we set off I was saying to myself that I hadn't been feeling well and didn't know the route so the best bet would be a 7m 30s tempo. I don't really know what time I run when I'm out by myself for a jog but I'd have a guess at close to 7 minutes a mile. The route we were going to run was roughly 7 miles. So 7m 30s it was to be, maybe 7m 15s. What do I do when they're splitting us into groups? Jump in with the first group of 7 minutes. Not the smartest with how I was feeling but none the less on we went.

Early on one or two of the eight in the group dropped back out of the group and I decided that 7 minutes is probably a fair bit faster than I generally train. We continued on into all areas that I didn't recognise and it being pitch black didn't help much either. The group further dwindled down and all of a sudden I realised there was just three of us remaining in the group and the other two had picked up the pace even more. At this stage there must have been just over a mile until we finished but this didn't matter to me as I had no idea where I was and didn't want to have to race in training to stay up with the two prats. I let them on a head but kept them in sight in the distance but every now and again when they turned a corner I had to sprint to that corner so I wouldn't lose them completely. An impromptu fartlek session if you will.

When we finally finished I was a bit pissed off at the two lads up front for just belting off and leaving this guy on his first time out lagging behind. One of them smugly said it was a constant pace throughout and might have been faster than the others expected - constant my ass! Turns out the 7 minute pace that I thought was too fast for an easy jog was in fact 6m 30s at times, so much closer to race pace than an easy pace. One of the other lads who dropped back at 5 miles said afterwards that when a group of guys train together the testosterone kicks in and they love seeing people drop off the back. That's called a race lads!! Training should be just that - the last thing I want is to leave my hard work at training instead of at races. The lesson has been learnt in any case. Until I need to do a tempo run I'll stick with the 7m 15s crowd... at least if they go too fast they'll probably come in at 7 minutes a mile which would be smashing! Rant Over!

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