Monday, December 17, 2007

New Shoes Please

With the cross country race coming up I decided I needed a pair of spikes for it. As I've never raced XC before I've never owned spikes before so an exciting shoe shop was in order. As I was heading out I decided to do a mileage count on my old marathon shoes - 553 miles and 26.2 at marathon pace - so a new training shoe was needed as well. Dammit. Not quite the expense I needed coming into Christmas but what you gonna do.

I got myself the trusted pair of Asics Kayano and a pair of New Balance spikes. All I can say is that London ain't cheap! The Kayano were retailing at £115 and I took the cheapest pair of spikes they had as I'll probably only do five or six cross country races this year. To put that into perspective, I've been buying the Kayano at home for €115 (£81). Thankfully the dude gave me a discount as I was a member of one of the clubs in London but I reckon in 3 months time when new shoes are required again the purchase won't be made in London.
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