Friday, December 7, 2007

To drink or not?

Since finishing the last marathon, just over 5 weeks ago now, I've been allowing myself to catch up on all them units of alcohol I'd missed outs in the months prior. In them 5 weeks I've also packed my bags and decided to try out a new country which has added to the socialising (not a bad thing), but has added to the drinking (bad thing). The past 2 weekends now I've said that I wouldn't drink and well, bluntly, I did.

Now as another weekend approaches I'm about to make the same promise again. Although I'm well sure I'll fall short as the majority of my weekend involves me and a pub. First off is tonight. Leinster v Edinburgh in the Heineken Cup which is only on Sky Sports so I have to venture to the pub to see it. Tomorrow night is just a Saturday night out with a crowd but I'm confident enough to say there'll be no drinking at this. Then finally there's Sunday and we're off to see Malcolm Middleton in concert. Hopefully I can play the "it's a school night" card to get away from the bar here. It's going to be tough but sooner or later I have to cut back on the drink.

For the last marathon I was the Perrier King. I had no bother being in a pub and ordering a water but that's changed since I've left the French lifestyle, where there were plenty of non drinkers, to return to Ireland, where a bar tender took great joy in prolonging my order for a water, and then on to England where I swear a barman looked at me as if it was the first time he'd ever heard anyone order a soft drink on Wednesday!

In the world of training though I'm fairly happy with how this week has gone thus far; I'm getting back into some form of routine and today I got to do some speed work for the first time in an age. Wahey! It was only a few 1 minute intervals but I got to start back somewhere.
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