Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What I Miss About France

The glaringly obvious answer from someone who has gone from living in the South of France to London has to be the weather. But that's not exactly what I have an issue with, well it kind of is. Winter is winter no matter what, it's cold and wet. I've never lived in a climate that guarantees snow which used to annoy me no end as a child when you'd get one day of snow every other year, but as an adult I'm all about having no snow. What France had was that cold, crisp winter. You know the ones that have the blue sky, very sunny, yet baltic outside. Here in London we don't quite have that, we have wind, a wind that manages to blow in your face no matter what direction you run, a wind that leaves your fingers red raw by the time you get back to your house. For the past few weeks it's been driving me crazy when I saunter out for a bit of a jog.

The lack of wind in France is something that I'd forgotten about until today. Today when I went out, shockingly, there was no wind. The sky was cloudless and bright blue with the sun shining and I was ever so happy trotting along without that evil wind annoying me at every turn. Granted it was freezing but as I said above, winter is winter and I can deal with the fact that its cold everywhere. That's when I remembered that these were the conditions I'd been training in for the past few winters in France and simply took them for granted. How naive of me to do so. I tip my gloves to you météo of France!

Maybe that's why todays training session went so well. The lack of wind gave me the extra spring in my step, or maybe the bucket of rice I ate last night played its part, anyway the session was a top session. A bit of speed work was getting injected into my training for the first time since the marathon. I wasn't looking forward to it to be honest, but I have to say I'm well happy with how it all went. A few miles around the local park with some fartleks thrown in. As it was the first time back doing them I gave myself ample recovery time and didn't do too many, but hey it's a start.
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