Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 Startup

Well I'm now back from the sun and going to have to get used to the Baltic climate of London all over again. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years where ever they spent it and are now looking forward to running off all that wine, booze and mince pies. I haven't pulled on the runners* yet this year as I was enjoying many, many terrible movies on the mini screen in front of me on a 7 hour plane trip yesterday. This will all change this evening as I venture out on my first run of the year with the club and will then come home and watch a movie on a much (but not that much) larger TV screen in my front room.

This being the start of the year I think most people reflect on their past year and come up with some goals for the new one. The simple approach would be to say that last year was good and this year will hopefully be better. I can't really say that I'd like to run more miles in a week as that's not my say - my coach will tell me what to do and I've no idea what he has planned for me. It all really depends on how I get on in races I suppose and how I'm reacting to training plans. Currently I run six days a week and on the odd (very odd) occasion that can be seven. With that in mind I can't really see a huge mileage increase.

Last year I raced in 13 races - this year I hope to compete in more. That shouldn't be hard as most of the races last year fell in the last four of five months of the year. This year I'm starting the year fit for a change so I should be taking part in my first race of 08 in a few weeks.

So Goal 1 is to race more and goal 2... this is where I talk times which I try not to... My safety net has always been keeping the times to myself, so if it doesn't go right only myself and the coach know it...

Goal 2 is to break the 2h 40m in a marathon this year. Bah...

Good luck to everyone with their personal goals this year whether they are to get back into running, start it up, break 4 hours, qualify for Boston. No matter what they are, best of luck.

*Runners, aka sneakers (US) or trainers (UK) or running shoes (uhm... global) depending on where you're from. As I'm Irish I'm sticking with runners... this may or may not cause confusion amongst readers down the line
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