Tuesday, January 22, 2008

After race legs

Two days have now past since the mud fest that was Saturday's XC and my legs are still feeling it. I went over on my ankle at one stage during the race so I'm being very cautious about it at the moment - resting it as much as possible and icing it. Although its not that bad to prevent me from training on it as long as I'm careful about my footing, as it'll be easy enough to go over on it again.

I've trained both days since the race and I'm fairly surprised how much the mud took out of me. I was told by my coach on Saturday night that I'd feel it and therefore to only jog 4 or 5 miles on both Sunday and Monday. The achilles are still fairly tight, when I started jogging yesterday it felt like I had an ankle support on! Tonight though I'm back into interval training. Something along the lines of 5 x 3 mins at threshold pace. I'll just have to be sure to get a good warm up first.
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