Monday, January 14, 2008

The Big Squeeze

Trying to fit in training, sleeping, socialising and sport watching was a difficult task this weekend but somehow I managed to squeeze it all in.

Thankfully on Saturday there wasn't much in the way of training so time was on my side. An easy 4 mile jog was all that was on the cards. The difficult thing is that we newly got Sky installed in the house and this was Heineken Cup Rugby weekend so there was back to back rugby on all day. The most important game of the day (for me anyway) was first up so I watched that, then stretched, jogged, changed into a tracksuit and re-found my place on the couch for more games. Nicely done.

Saturday evening, we had folk over for dinner and drinks. This started to get wild after dinner, a quick board game and then into the front room for alcohol filled karaoke (in fairness the alcohol had been flowing for hours before we even got close to the karaoke). I stayed clear of both as I'm trying to stay as dry as possible at the moment and karaoke sans alcohol just isn't me! I called it quits and headed to my bed at around 2am as I wanted to be up early for my long run. I may as well have stayed up as 8 alcohol fueled people make some noise. I can't fault them though as it's a Saturday night and I would have been the same if I was drinking.

I had planned to be up early to get the 15 miles out of the way nice and early as I had some important football to be watching at 1.30pm. Due to the sleep that preceded it the run didn't get going as early as planned so I only managed to get back at 2.30, just as the second half was starting. Stretching, showering, eating went out the window at this point as I ran upstairs and quickly toweled myself down and got into the tracksuit again and got reacquainted with Saturday's friend, the couch.

All in all, the sport went well, my team Leinster won in the rugby although a minor miracle is needed for them to qualify next week and Sunderland managed to pick up a much needed victory in the football on Sunday. Running wise... all that I can say about the two runs is that they were textbook.
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