Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heating On

I'm just back in now from an easy jog where the heavens opened on me. As much as I'm used to living where the weather is generally not the best I don't think I too often end up running around in the rain. Taking no chances of catching another cold I've flicked the heating on so it's now nice and toasty chez moi.

On Tuesday night I was hit by a sense of reality on my training run. We were doing mile repetitions - 5 x 1 mile with a minute break in between. On this session I generally tuck myself in with a group that are doing a pace similar to me and on I go. On Tuesday night none of the regulars were down so I jumped behind the first lad.

I held my own running behind him, generally finishing a few seconds off him, breathing heavily, feet slapping off the pavement, legs burning, lungs bursting. In my mind I always seem to think that the people ahead of me our moving effortlessly, this time was no different. During one of the breaks he was saying how he seemed to be going slower than usual - I don't think he was lying, I've seen him down there a few times and he's always well out ahead of the rest of us, so the novelty of finishing a few seconds behind him probably won't happen next week.

When we finished and I was nicely content with how the session went. I asked him what he's aiming for. He said he has a spring marathon coming up and aiming for a 2h 40m time. Don't get me wrong here, this is a great time, but what threw me was the fact that here's a guy who glides past me in training and he's aiming for a time that I'd also be looking at doing. I was really hoping he was one of the 2h 30m guys in the club so I'd know how far behind a 2h30m runner I am.

Thinking about this on the way home made me realise how far and how hard this years goal is going to be. It hasn't put me off in the slightest mind you... if it was easy everyone would be doing it!
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