Friday, January 18, 2008

A new pre-race routine

Tomorrow morning is race day and for once this is going to be somewhat different for me.

Generally race day is a Sunday morning, which involves taking it easy on Friday and Saturday, killing the whole weekend. This time it's a Saturday so my Saturday night is free (provided I'm not shattered, but even if I am, I still have Sunday).

The "morning" is replaced by "afternoon". This is unheard of for me. The norm is to be waking up a good 3 hours before the race at some unglodly hour while its still dark out. Struggle to eat something, as it's an earlier than usual wake up, before trapsing off to the race to pick up numbers and what not. Tomorrow will be a wake up sans alarm clock, have some breakfast, head off to a coffee shop for a while, read papers, come home, chill out before fixing a small lunch for myself to have on the way to the race.

Usually I'd have to go to bed nice and early the night before with my kit ready to go so there's nothing to do in the morning besides up and leave. Tonight that's not going to happen. It'll be out for dinner with friends (like a normal Friday night!) before heading home on the last bus. Get to bed at what ever time, knowing that there'll be plenty of time for me to get enough rest and fix the kit when I get up in the morning.

This all adds up to the perfect pre-race setup for me. Saturday afternoon races, I salute you...
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