Monday, January 21, 2008

Race Report #1

Rain - check
Wind - check
Mud - check
Hills - check

Two days have passed since this race and my legs are still complaining. Man, was that a tough slog. I somehow don't think I'll make a great cross country racer but the work out from that race should be priceless when I get back to racing on the roads. Roll on March is all I say.

My race plan started with a comfortable pace for the first few minutes and then I started picking people a head of me and slowly passing them. This continued until I got far enough forward that I couldn't actually pass the person in front and then continued on at that pace. The mud at times was well above ankle deep so needless to say I was covered from head to toe in a thick splattering of mud by the end. I reckon my house mates would have had a fit if they saw the state of the bath when I emerged from my soak that evening. A quick clean up job saved me from any out bursts from the anally clean!

What did puzzle me is how well I feel I raced, yet how far down the field I finished. How did so many people finish above me? These guys seemed to be running as if they were gliding across the mud!

Anyway, its nice to have the first race of the year out of the way, the second on the way and even with the lactic acid still taking up residence in my legs I'm itching to get back out and get into some hard training.
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