Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Race Week

As I've previously mentioned I popped my Cross Country cherry just before Christmas. This weekend I'm about to take on another. Unfortunately this time the course will be more difficult, the standard of athlete higher, it'll be wetter, muddier and an all round unpleasant experience by the sound of it.

You'll probably be right in assuming that I've talked myself out of the whole Cross Country thing. I saw a few pictures of races earlier in the season that I missed and it just looked so miserable. Give me a road with potholes any day of the week to a muddy hill in the middle of nowhere. On the bright side, the maximum amount of XC races I'll have left this year before I hit the road for the first time is three, and fingers are being crossed at that being just two.

All in all training has been going so well I wish it was a five mile road race I was going to this weekend rather than a park, but thinking positively, running in the mud will make me a stronger runner. After Sunday's long run I had an easy jog on Monday, followed by an interval session last night. We did 4 x 1.5 miles in total and I have to say I felt great before, during and after the run. I was flying through them, not a bother at all. This is all fine by me as last week I was starting to feel tired by Thursday. This week, Wednesday morning and a 7am rise after a tough session the night before - fantastic.

Now to start thinking positively about the mud...
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