Monday, January 28, 2008

This park will close at...

My internet has been acting the prick all day so this is a fly by visit to share with everyone the great news.
Since I've lived in London the local park has shut at 4.15 as it's kind of dark out these days. I'm going to make a plan that from now on when I movc to a new country that I do so in the summer when it's not as miserable.
Anyway, two weeks back I noticed that the sign had changed to "This park will close at 4.30 today".
And yesterday "This park will close at 4.45 today" - YES!! We're getting there... the days are getting longer... the park has said as much... before we know it winter will have passed... spring will be here and running in the evenings before it gets dark will be back.
Oh, and the training was just fine and dandy too. Yesterday was 15 miles at a nice easy pace and today an easy 8 miler.
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