Monday, January 7, 2008

Time to get tough

The last time I talked to my coach was before the Christmas break. I was left under the strict impresssion that the next time we talked I had to be fit and ready to start into a heavy training program that's going to last for a six or seven weeks. Thankfully yesterday when I talked to him I was able to hand on heart say I was reporting back to him fitter than I left off and ready for the "fun" to start. The word "hills" was mentioned at one stage last night but thankfully that's not for another few weeks.

Over the past few weeks I'd kept the routine of 2 speed work sessions and one long run up with a few easy runs thrown in the mix. Obviously with the time of year I missed the occassional session but I don't think at any stage I went three days in a row without training. Yesterday on my long run I somehow added my miles up wrong and ended up doing a 15 mile run instead of 13! From now on in I'll be doing a 15 miler every Sunday, but the 13 yesterday was meant to be the longest since the last marathon so 15 really wasn't planned.

As I said, a six/seven week hard training programme commences now and hopefully if all goes to plan I'll have a good race at the end of it. There'll be two races during that time which probably won't be great as I could be a bit sluggish from the training but sure we'll see how it all goes.

This weeks schedule looks a little like this
Monday 8 miles easy
Tuesday 8 miles - incorporating speed work, interval training
Wednesday 7 miles easy
Thursday 8 miles easy
Friday 9 miles - more speed work, interval training
Saturday 4 miles easy or off. Personally I'm thinking "Off"
Sunday 15 miles.

Looks like its time to roll up the sleeves and dig in...
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