Monday, February 25, 2008

Around and around...

My Saturday was dominated by rugby watching and what watching it was....
- Ireland are back playing decent rugby
- Who'd have guessed that England actually could still play rugby, albeit only in Paris, but they can still play!
- if results go as I hope in the next round of games the top 4 teams should all be level and playing each other on the last day... what a day that'll be!

I had to stop by my doctor their earlier today just to register in the area. Turns out that with after my blood pressure, height and weight were taken that I'm actually taller than I thought I was! All these years I've been saying I'm 6'4" and I'm one inch taller!

Oh and training wise. I ended up just doing my long run tout seul again. It's getting fierce boring doing laps of the park on my todd. I'm going to have to change that fairly smartly. The idea of getting up before 7am to eat and meet people by 9 is alien to me though. What I did do by myself went well mind you, boredom aside. 15 miles at a comfortabley easy pace, around and around and around (and once more around) the park.
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