Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heads I race...

I'm not about to hide my dislike of cross country races. Slogging around in the mud, up and down hills in the cold and rain just doesn't appeal to me. It may to some people, I think they're crazy but I'll accept it. What I do realise is that it's a great tough session that'll only make me stronger when the road racing comes back at the end of the month. With that in mind I'm prepared to take on the slush this Saturday, especially with it being the last cross country of the season.

Where's the dilemma?? This Saturday is day 2 of the Six Nations and the race will end about half an hour before the first game. The race is in the middle of nowhere so if the pub we go to doesn't show it I'm stuck. By the time I get myself home I'd have missed it completely. There are a lot of things I'm willing to sacrifice for running but international rugby, I'm not so sure.

The 6 Nations is built for this time of year. Five rugby weekends over the next seven, why did this race have to fall in the middle of it? The last race caused me to miss the final round of the group stages in the Heineken Cup and I was raging at that so I don't think I could live with missing it. I'm the eternal optimist so in my heart I think Ireland have every chance of winning in Paris this weekend, do I want to miss such a historic event?

The only solution is to find out what pubs are in the area that the race is on and start calling around. If they are showing the matches I race, if not I don't. Time to start flipping...
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