Friday, February 22, 2008

"How hard should I do Friday's session?"

Very was the answer from my coach. Back to the intervals today. It was just random bursts of around 250m, then jog until I'd got my breathing back to normal, then do it again and so on until I was shagged! I can't say it was the most pleasant of training sessions but I'm well chuffed with how tough it was. Only one more speed work session and then it's the first road race of the year.

Tomorrow I'm off to the running shop to see what goodies they have in store for me. I had to throw out my old race shoes last weekend so I need to get some new ones before the race next week. I think I'll stick with the same ones as last time... not because they were comfortable or anything, mainly because of the name. The Asics DS Racer... how could I not get a race shoe that shares my initials?! And the last ones were in green, that was surely a sign.

Other things on the list aren't to exciting. Energy gels and energy drinks. I spied some highfive gels a few weeks in a store that didn't need to be taken with water. I'll have to get my hands on a few of them bad boys and try them out with my long run this week.

Besides that my Saturday is taken up with 6 nations rugby. 3 games, back to back, 7 hours of good sport watching. Bring it on!
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