Thursday, February 7, 2008

Insane Intervals

Up until recently my interval training was pretty much done solo and would mainly comprise of something along the lines of 16 x 1 minute or 8 x 2 minutes or 5 x 3 minutes. I'd jog the recovery until my breathing was back to normal and on I'd go to the next interval. I used to do these sessions solo. Now I've changed to training with a group on the days I used to do these and I as I said, my longest interval prior to training with them was 3 minutes with a decent recovery time. This weeks session??

2 x 5 minutes, 2 x 4 minutes, 2 x 3 minutes, 2 x 2 mintues. The recovery time in between each one got shorter after every repetition. So much so that for the last one it was 10 seconds. TEN SECONDS!! That's right, run at 80% for 2 minutes, ten seconds to "recover" and off you go again for another 2 minutes. How the hell do you recover in ten seconds, there's barely enough time to stop! Infact I think my ten seconds went something like this
*Stop and mutter obscenity*
*Deep breath (or one and a half)*
*Mutter obscenity and begin*
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