Friday, February 15, 2008

Making a plan to race

Over the past few months I haven't committed to whether or not I'll do a marathon this spring. Currently I'm just over half way through the 7 week training program that's main aim was to have me running stronger. I toyed with the idea of maybe concentrating on a marathon after these 7 weeks. Take a weekend off and then into a ten week program. There were two marathons that would have fallen nicely into this plan, Copenhagen or Prague. Ideal, weekend away and all!

However, I've talked it over with my coach. Both of these marathon's would work fine if I was doing the Dublin one again this year. It'd pretty much give time to wind down after the marathon and then start into a new program. The only thing is this year I don't want to do Dublin. I have my heart set on Berlin in September. The fastest marathon course in Europe would be ideal to try and get under 2h 40m. The length of time between the spring marathons and Berlin just isn't enough so the Copenhagen and Prague or out.

What now? Pretty much for the coming months I'm going to concentrate on getting my 5km, 5 miles, 10k, 10 miles and half marathon times down. I've been repeatedly told that if you can do 5k fast you can 10k fast, and if you can 10k fast you can do 10 miles fast and so on....

That's it so. The first 5k is in two weeks time. There after I'll probably take each 6 weeks as they come, look at the race calendar and see what's coming up, racing everything that I can race in. 10 weeks before Berlin will be here in no time.
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