Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pre-Race Night

I said all along that I was treating my cross country races as training sessions. Which means that tomorrows road race is the first race this year that I'm counting as a race! Wahey!

5km is a new distance for me so I'm not sure how the pace is going to be. I've been told it's to hurt from the start or more precisely "your tongue will be hanging out from the start". The lack of speed work training lately could mean that I won't be that fast, then again I could wake up fresh as a daisy and have the race of my life!

The last two days have involved me winding down for the race, a 4 mile easy jog today and 5 miles yesterday. Tuesday saw the only hard session of the week - 8 x 800m - and could god did I feel that. My coach reckons that after a few weeks I'll have a fair few seconds off the 800s and come spring/summer and track training I'll be flying along. It's always nice to hear you're heading in the right direction.

Tonight now will be a very laid back affair, probably some coffee drinking and book reading in the local coffee shop, dinner, TV and to bed early. I'm not too concerned about tomorrow mind you, it's nice that the road races are starting back and from here on in until September I should have a race every 2 or 3 weeks. That's the great thing about these short races is that if they don't go to plan it doesn't go to plan you can just dust yourself down and forget about it as there'll be another race just around the corner.
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