Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Race on

I called the pub to make sure they'd be showing the rugby on Saturday and it turns out they don't have a television. Seriously, in this day, what pub does not have a television?! Yes, they are going for the traditional English pub lark but come on... pubs need sport! Thanks to google though I've found a pub between the train station and the race that'll be showing the race. Granted I had to repeat myself three times before it clicked with the landlady, "ohhhh the SIX nations..." as if I'd said something completely different, but I'm well sure they will have it on. Crisis averted, I will race this Saturday!

Usually on match day, I end up sitting in the pub for ages in advance, nervously waiting for the game to start. This weekend however, I'll be spending the build up running around like a mad eejit. There's some motivation for me anyway, the sooner I finish the race the sooner I get to watch some rugby. There'll be no nerves before this race, I'll be too preoccupied with thinking about the Ireland game!

Last cross country of the season, three weeks to the first road race, Ireland to win in Paris for the first time in years?! I can't wait!
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