Monday, February 11, 2008

Race Report #2

For some bizarre reason we're currently getting weather that is more common in May, from my college days it's what I remember as exam weather. That time of year when you were meant to be sitting in the library, studying away, but the weather has other ideas. Blue skies, no wind, people shedding clothes, t-shirts and shorts are the order of the day, college park full of people drinking beer outside... how is someone meant to study?? Anyway that was long ago, but the weather over the past few days has mimicked that.

Therefore the conditions for the last cross country of the year were ideal. There was a bit of sloshing in the mud when we went under the cover of trees, but for the most part the ground was steady underfoot. Again, it was another division one race so the standard was super high. I decided again to start in the middle of the field and just to run steady over the opening few minutes and then eventually start picking people off. As I'm no expert at this XC lark, these past few races have been nothing more than training for me, positions and times mean nothing to me.

For the first lap I couldn't get over how comfortable I was getting on, I was cruising effortlessly past people. Happy Days I thought until the second lap started and I realised that I had to really dig in to keep this up. There were a few people supporting from my new running club, but as none of them really know my name yet the majority of shouts were just along the name of the club. I can't say I feel like I have that much of a link to the club, so them shouts didn't really push me on the same way when I hear my name being shouted. The lad in front of me was called Larry and he seemed to be getting plenty of shouts
"Come on Larry"
"Dig in Larry"
"Push it Larry"
In the end I decided I was going to use his shouts instead, for the remainder of the race I answered to "Larry".

"Almost there Larry"
"Damn straight I am, Grrrrr (Dig in)"!!

All in all I'm happy with how it went, the legs got a good work out, the heart was pumping and it was a pleasant day out, although Ireland losing the rugby was a real downer.
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