Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shiney (really) new shoes!

I didn't manage to get my new race runners on Saturday as the shop didn't have them in my size... Damn big feet! They did however have another branch who had a few pairs so I went there today.

They told me they didn't have the new style in my size, just the old ones. I said that didn't bother me in the slightest, who cares what they look like, sure they're only for running in. That was of course until I was given them to try on...

Whose smart idea was it to cover the Asics DS Racer in glitter??! Seriously, they look ridiculous, a bright green shoe covered in glitter. Is it some sort of special trick to play with your head and make you run faster so no one can see you wearing bloody glittery shoes?

The guys in the shop reckoned it's similar to the way footballers are now wearing gold boots. Gold, I could deal with, the fact that they are stupidly green is not the issue, it's the damn glitter! It's right up there with the Stade Francais rugby team and their stupid pink flowery jersey's.

Worst of all, it's speed work training tonight. That's why I was making sure I had them today, so I could be sure to get a speed work session in with them before the race on Friday. The problem is that there's no changing facilities at the place where we train tonight so we arrive ready to run. I've been getting used to being the eejit on public transport wearing my running get up, but today I have to be the eejit in my running get up with sparkly shoes!!! Aaagh.....
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