Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Training like clockwork

There's nothing I like better than a good routine! Generally my friend's will slag me off a bit over routined I am, such as last week when I didn't go to the running club on Wednesday evening because I wanted to go to a friend's for dinner I got the mocking of "What about the routine Private?". I prefer to see myself as disciplined rather than routined but I suppose it's mainly a routine... discipline is giving up all cakes, sweets, biscuits and what not for lent even though I'm not the least bit religious. It's just something I've done every year of my life so why stop a "routine" now!

For the few years I lived in France my morning routine was so well known that I barely had to speak a word in the mornings. Early doors I'd head off to the local boulangerie and I'd start to say what I want but the girls behind the counter would always finish off what I was saying. If one of them ever asked me a question one of the other girls would answer before I even had a chance to open my mouth. Then I'd take my bag of pastries and head over to a little coffee shop run by a French couple I got to know, mainly by sitting there and drinking coffee. When I went in in the morning the owner would immediately put my coffee on before coming over and saying good morning to me. This I loved.

In my coffee shop now in London I'm asked every morning with out fail, "that's to take away right?". I've been going there pretty much every day for almost 4 months and not once have I had a coffee to take away, but still the question all the time, no look of recognition at all!

I found getting into a routine necessary to help me work as I work from home. Start work at 9 at the latest and finish in or around 6 (later if there are a few projects on the go). That's why when my coach said to me that we were going to get a routine going in the training I thought "no better man". I've been warned that it can get very monotonous after a while but for someone who ate the same breakfast and lunch every day for 4 years I don't think it should be a problem!

Weeks only really tend to vary if there's a race on the horizon, so normally it'd be along the lines of one long run, two speed sessions and two or three easy runs a week. Under my coaches instructions I've been doing this type of schedule for about a year and a half now. So far I don't really have that many race distances in the past to compare my times too. My marathon time has obviously gone down dramatically after one year with my coach so what will happen in the coming year now that I'm more focused, disciplined, routined than before is anyone's guess!
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