Monday, February 18, 2008

The troubled sleep of Private

For some reason last week I was shattered from morning until night no matter what. I was sleeping fine, eating well, training the same as normal but within hours of waking up I'd be tired again. By the end of the week it was really getting on my tits. Sitting at the computer, trying to work while trying to stay awake is no fun at all. Maybe I was still tired from the race the weekend before, although this is unlikely as it was a short race. Maybe I just never caught up completely with my tiredness though.

Generally I sleep 7 hours a night, from the minute I close my eyes until the alarm goes in the morning I'm out for the count. Friday I had to take a 30 minute power kip after work. Normally trying to sleep during the day is fruitless but not this time. I was straight out and don't know if I'd have woken back up if it wasn't for the alarm I set.

Thankfully though the weekend came and with it was the chance to catch up on my sleep. As I was out with friends on Friday I didn't get to bed early and I can't really manage to stay in bed late in the mornings so come Saturday I was still tired for most of the day. With that in mind I sacrificed my Saturday night socialising and went to bed stupidly early. And now I'm back!

Yesterday I woke to no alarm, pretty much lay in bed until I was happy that I was awake. The day started as it usually does when there's a long run on the cards, a bowl of porridge followed by a trip to the local coffee shop for, uhm, some coffee. By the time the run came around I was bouncing about the place. 15 miles at a casual pace around the park, not a bother to me. Bizarrely though this sun thing is back and yesterday I was training in short sleeves and sunglasses... sunglasses in FEBRAUARY!

The day got better as I headed out then afterwards with no ill affects to meet some friends for a few casual pints. The pints went on longer than they should have with it being après run but I think I was just so happy to not be tired that I let them continue.
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