Monday, February 4, 2008

Wind, wind and then some more wind

After a weekend spent back in Ireland I've come to the following conclusions... Ireland is ridiculously wet and gale force winds are the order of the day. You'd think I'd have been aware of this prior to now, and in fairness I knew Ireland is wet and windy in winter, the difference is I've never really trained in Ireland in winter.

I've only taken running anyway seriously over the past four years or so and in that time I was either in wind free France and now England which mightn't be wind free but it hasn't got a patch on Dublin. So before now the winters in Dublin didn't really affect me like they did this weekend. If it was windy years back the gym would be where I'd have ended up and its not like I concidered myself a runner then so it'd have just been insane to go out running in the pissing ran and wind. Living at the foothills of the Dublin mountains probably doesn't help matters in the wind stakes. Of course the weather would have annoyed me all them years back but it's not as if I was anywhere other than indoors then so I'd complain like everyone else about the weather but now as it directly affects what I want to do I reckon I'm complaining more.

Anyway, bitching aside training was text book this weekend. I had a fartlek sesssion on Friday incorporating some hills... ok they weren't real hills, but a bit of a climb... and the wind was shooting down them so the first one hurt more than it should of. The Sunday long run was along the Dublin marathon route. By some act of God the rain stopped just as I was going out the door and stayed off for the 2 hours I was out there. I just tipped along fairly comfortably although the return to the house was against the wind so it slowed down somewhat. Today then it was a comfortable 8 miles, again with the wind slowing down the return home.

So another week starts and another cross country is on the horizon... ugh... on the bright side though it should be my last one of the season.
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