Monday, March 31, 2008

Banking hours

Wahey! The day light saving hour has finally come to make dark London brighter. I for one am happy. No longer will there be posts informing you of what time my park is open until! In case anyone is wondering, it's 7.30 now but that should definitely go further forward in coming weeks.

Running in the dark is coming to an end... the dark running tops of last summer can come out of the closet... Soon the cold gear can be stashed away for a few months. Happy days. In fact today I had to jump out for my run at lunch time as I'm flying back to London this evening and it was warm on the run. Proper warm. It could easily have been a June day in disguise! Now we're back to a March day but for today's run a short sleeved t-shirt was the order of the day.

I'm probably getting carried away with the fact that the days are brighter and now looking forward to warm weather... but do you know what? I don't care.. summer is on it's way!
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