Friday, March 14, 2008

Like little cars

The room I rent in London is by all accounts quite a small room. The chair at my desk has to be pushed out of the room to allow me to do my stretches before training commences. That being said, the amount of runners in the room is becoming a joke. Size 13 runners everywhere you look in such a small space. Since starting this blog a few months back this is now the fourth pair of new runners I'm talking about. Two pairs were bought at the same time but still... 4 pairs in about 3 months!! It's almost like a fetish but they're all needed...

Now my room comprises of one pair of XC spikes, one pair of shiny green race shoes and two pairs of training runners. One of the pairs of training runners are coming to the end of their life so I decided to grab a new pair for once before I started feeling the road on my shins.

As I was back home I decided to go by my local running store and get a gait analysis done as for the last ages I've been putting up with just a bit of uncomfort in my right leg. Nothing major, not an injury, just something that's been there for a year plus. And finally I thought "maybe it's the shoes" so instead of just buying a new pair of Kayanos I'd go and see what the experts have to say about it.

I brought my current runners in with me so they could check how I was running in them.
"These ones have about 400 miles in them" I uttered at one point before laughing, realising I was talking about my shoes as if they were cars. I ran up and down their little run way and all seemed fine. So fine that he decided that I'd get away with wearing a neutral shoe instead of a stability shoe. The bonus with this I think is that there's more cushioning with a neutral shoe. The down side is that I'm always freaked about going over on my ankle and less stability means that I could easily do that again.

I was given a few pairs to try out. The testing them out was kind of like Goldilocks and the three bears except it was Private and the three shoes. The Brooks seemed too hard, seriously more cushioning my ass, it felt like I was in a heavy race shoe. The New Balance were pushing the final pair all the way but in the end my allegiance to Asics won and I went with their Nimbus shoe.

The fact that in the five days thus this week far I've been training in 3 different shoes has probably no small part in why there are shoes thrown all over my room, rather than neatly hidden away.
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