Thursday, March 20, 2008

Looking Ahead

There's only a few more weeks of this speed endurance training left before the real speed work starts on the track and I can't wait. For some reason I'm looking forward to getting back into doing reps of 10 x 400m and so on. I can't say I enjoyed them that much at the time last year, I'm probably just looking to use them as a gauge to compare to where I was this time last year. At the moment I feel like I'm going really fast with all these Tuesday night intervals but according to my coach I'm not! All the speed training takes place in bursts of around a minute on the track which all begins in the middle of April.

Apparently this speed endurance training has made me stronger rather than faster and the times should drop down once the track work starts. Exciting stuff! I have to agree with feeling stronger though. That's how I'd have described my effort to keep up with the lads in training over the last few weeks - I was digging deep, when they picked up the pace on the 800s I couldn't go with them but I had the strength to stay there on the longer distances.

Another thing I'm dying to jump in on again is a half marathon or even a ten miler. With the majority of the lads I'm training with running the London marathon in a few weeks I've been seeing their times in the halfs and have been quite jealous of them. It'll be a few months before I race them distances again but looking at the times they're all running at the moment I certainly have the feeling of "I can do that too". My PB of 1h 21mins for the half looks like it could be in for a proper beating when the time comes around.

But less of that now... I've a race this Saturday. The half marathon times can wait for another day. First things first and that's for a strong (not fast) 5 miler this weekend.
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