Thursday, March 27, 2008

The month ahead

So far this week it's been a pretty steady flow of easy runs of 8 miles. The pace is to be just that, easy. The nicest thing about it is that as I haven't had a hard session the day before any of these runs they're getting easier and easier. It's always a bonus. Tomorrows interval session will be a kick up the arse though.

The next few weeks are looking like they're busier than I'd imagined they be. Socially, training and racing wise.

Socially. I've booked a hell of a lot of tickets to gigs which I'm over the moon about. I've also a trip home this weekend so there'll be plenty of catching up to be done.
Training. Is it ever anything other than busy?? The middle of April sees the return of training sessions on the track. Bright evenings will also mean some of the "easy" runs during the week will become a mile or two longer.
Racing. I haven't committed to anything yet but it looks like I could well have a 10km in a few weeks time.

That sounds like enough to keep me occupied for the next while... and of course there's work too!
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