Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last year I started using this little gadget. It promises all sorts of great results, a couple of percent increase in performance in as little as 4 weeks, strengthening breathing muscles, increased recovery times, improved stamina and endurance and probably a whole lot of other things too. In short, by breathing with this twice a day you should go faster than if you were wearing shiny green shoes!

It's one of them things that I find impossible to say if it was any use or is it a complete gimmick. The problem is that I was training that much harder than ever before while using it, so was it the training or the POWERbreathe that helped things? I've no idea, maybe it was both or maybe it was just the training. I never did use it twice a day, mainly once a day whenever I remembered it. It only takes a few minutes to do but it's one of those things easily forgotten about in your daily routine.

I haven't so much as looked at it since last September, until today. I'm thinking now that all this speed work is coming back into play again maybe I'll start using it again. I've dusted it down, set an alarm on my mobile to remind me, daily breathing exercises are about to recommence. Mind you the same scenario is about to come into play again, my times are going to start to improve but they should improve anyway breathing device or not. Ah well, at least my little breathey thing can just make me think I'm doing something when I'm not actually training...
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