Monday, March 3, 2008

Race Report #3 - 5km - Hyde Park, London (17m 05s)

Before setting out for my first road race of the year, my first 5km ever, I naturally had a few target times floating about my head. How realistic they were was anyone's guess. I had no idea how fast I was to set out, how long I'd be able to maintain the speed I started out so there was a fair chance this was a trial by error approach.

One of the lads I do my interval training with on the Tuesday nights was in the race as well. He'd be a fair whack faster than me in training, on the last interval where I struggle to finish without throwing up he always seems to glide on home. I decided to use him as my marker, I'd set out at the same pace as him, maybe 10 to 20 yards behind and just try to hang on.

The conditions weren't perfect but could have been worse so no complaints from me there. There was a strong wind which was going to affect us for the first half but would probably help us home. It was also fairly damn cold but you forget about things like that quick enough.

From the off I could feel the pace as uncomfortably fast; in the back of my head I was just telling my body that it'd be over soon so just to go with it. I'm not too sure what any of the splits were, in fact I had no idea what time I finished in until that evening when the club texted my result to me, as I run watch free. As I said the opening pace was fast, more than likely faster than I should have set off at but that's pretty much my style! I probably hung on at that pace until the 3km mark. At that point 2 people passed me and I then decided to hang onto them for as long as I could. The last 2km I ran in fairly steady but I wouldn't imagine they were as fast as the opening few. In the last kilometre another group of 3 passed our new group of 3.

In the end I crossed the line in 17.05. I'm content with it for a first outing at the distance and I'm well sure I can take a nice chunk off that this year, especially as in a six and a half kilometre race last year my average pace worked out as being faster than my pace here. Once I start getting to the track and knocking out the 400s I reckon I'll be much sharper and instead of hanging on for 3km next time out I'll hang on past 4... and hopefully struggle to the finishing line at that pace.

Next stop is a 5 mile in 3 weeks.
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