Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Running to the beat

Last night when I got down to the training rendez-vous spot it was, for want of a better description, fricken cold. Not so much the temperature, but the icey wind that was blowing around. I generally arrive on a Tuesday about half an hour before everyone else so I can get a few miles warm up in before we start. I've no idea why we just start into a session without a warm up - there is a 4 minute jog but that doesn't really count - so I like to run around for a bit, do some strides, before everyone else turns up. Anyway, as I said, it was cold. With that in mind I left my jacket for the start of the warm up, at least until I actually was warm enough to take it off. It's a light enough jacket, mainly just a wind breaker, so it was ideal for last night. But that isn't the revelation of last night...

...As I had my jacket on and my mp3 player was still in pocket I decided to do the warm up with it on and all. Music, brilliant, it got me right out of the miserable Tuesday evening, freezing cold, stupid speed work, mood I was in. Why haven't I been doing this before? Should I buy some new cheap headphones for my easy runs? I can't go and destroy my casual "to and from coffee shop" headphones with sweat now can I?!?

Today as I jogged around free of headphones I was thinking of whether or not I should go with them again. I think I'm swaying towards the no camp. Nothing exciting ever happens when I'm running - OK one time someone did jump off a bridge and land about 200m in front of where I was jogging, not pretty, but I think that's an exception - but what with kids on bikes in the parks, loads of other people walking, running about, cars, dogs and even the damn pigeons that always take off straight at me as I pass. I think I prefer being 100% aware of my surroundings.

One benefit I can think of straight away is that if I did listen to music it'd put an end to the question I can never answer that I get asked by everyone
"How often do you run?"
Pretty much six or seven
"Do you listen to music when you run?"
"No?? What do you think about then?"
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