Monday, March 10, 2008

Same training, different week

Last week was a fairly hectic week, three countries in seven days, but somehow I still managed to get my full weeks training in. However it all caught up with me yesterday as I was absolutely shattered finishing my long run... I actually cut it a mile short as my energy levels were sapped, the fact that my hands and legs were absolutely freezing from the icey rain didn't help matters by any stretch of the imagination... and I suppose having got home from my last flight at 12.30am and then having a long run within 12 hours probably played its part too!

That being said I'm still fairly happy with how the week as a whole went. The 4 x 1 mile session with the club on Tuesday and the fartlek session around Tymon Park in Dublin on Friday were probably my best speed sessions to date. Even with the long run ending up being tougher than usual yesterday I'm still content with how it went. Throw in a few easy runs in the middle of all that means that I can't complain at all with it - pretty much a text book week!

An added bonus to my week was getting a call from my uncle on Saturday morning to tell me he had a free ticket to the Ireland v Wales game that afternoon. Happy days! Pity the performance or result didn't go our way but I was still chuffed to be there.

This weeks schedule pretty much follows last week's, as will next weeks and so on. With no flights for the next 3 weeks I should be able to get into some sort of routine again.
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