Thursday, March 6, 2008

There's always someone faster than you

On the morning of my first marathon a friend of mine who was running his second marathon told me that no matter how fast you do the marathon you'll always have a non-running friend who knows someone who's done one faster... and they'll love to tell you that!

He wasn't wrong. So whether you run a 4 hour marathon or a 2 hour 30 minute marathon someone is going to tell you of someone they met who got a better time.

I'm quite modest when it comes to my running times. If someone asks I'll tell, if not I'm not going to bring it up. I suppose it comes from the fact that I train with people who are a fair bit faster than me so until I get the same times as them I don't really see anything to shout about. Obviously I'm well chuffed with my times but inside I know I can go faster so no need to make a song or dance about it.

However, when someone tells you that they met someone who ran a faster marathon than you it almost feels as if they're saying "..and he got x time, and he doesn't run or train as much as you do". More than likely they are trying to talk to you on a subject that they know you love but for whatever reason it comes across as a dig. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive here.

Recently when someone was asking me about my time. I told them it was 2.46. His girlfriend immediately piped in with "My boss ran his in 2 hours 42 minutes". Cheers for that! Today I got told by my flatmate that one of his clients' pb is 2 hours 20. For the last 4 years I've been hearing of people that have run marathons faster than me.... is it just me?!? Surely these people also know someone who has ran it slower than me... how come I never hear about them?

*Overly sensitive post over*
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