Friday, March 21, 2008

The waiting game

Not only am I waiting for this race tomorrow but also for Lent to end! I'm not the most religious person in the world but giving up sweets for Lent has been something I've done pretty much every year so I've kind of got in the habit of it. I don't think I did last year though, mainly because I wasn't really eating that much crap that there was really no point in giving up something I didn't eat. I also had a spring marathon and I didn't want to not eat something sugary if I wanted it.

This year however has been a whole different kettle of fish. Since moving to London my sweet tooth has kicked in, probably because bars of chocolate and what not have been more readily available here than in France. For the past 6 weeks I've been off absolutely everything I'd consider a treat, so as not to replace one thing with another, and its been quite successful. Probably the most shocking thing is that my steady weight over the past 18 months has gone down by 2 kilos... I really didn't think I had 2 kilos to lose. As much as I want this Lenten lark to end, I am quite enjoying the discipline of it and I reckon once it's over I'll be trying to keep my diet as close to the last few weeks as possible.

Training wise, the last few days have been fairly casual because of the race. Generally on a race week I'll do the exact same training as is normal at the start of the week and then have two easy days before the race. That meant that this week I only had to do an easy 4 miles yesterday and another easy 3 miles today at lunch. Fingers crossed my legs should be in great shape in the morning.
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