Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting a break

Coming into this week I had a 10k pencilled in for Sunday week and then two weeks after that I was going to attempt my first track race.

Then on Wednesday the chance of a holiday away came about and I thought this was going to throw the plans into disarray. On Wednesday week I'm off on holiday for a week... and I'm going far, far away... I'm actually going to leave the northern hemisphere. Two friends of mine are getting married in Mauritius and I've decided, pretty much last minute, to go along. It's a once in a life time oppertunity how could I say no?? I mulled this question over in my head the whole way around my Wednesday run. What are the pros and cons of going, training, work, finances... all covered in the hour I was out. In the end I thought, "fuck it, why not?!" and this morning I booked the flights, wahey!

Why I said I thought this was going to throw my races into disarray is because I'd be leaving three days after the 10km and arriving back three days before the 5,000m. Taking on my first track race without any track sessions seemed a bit odd to me but my coach said it doesn't bother him at all. In fact he went further, and told me to switch off completely while I'm away. He's said I've to take four days off over there... and the four days have to be in a row! when's the last time I didn't run for four days?? November, after the marathon I'd guess.

My coach puts never taking a break when he was younger as one of his biggest mistakes and he's not going to let me do the same. He used to run twice a day, regardless of how he was feeling. Looking back on it now that he's a qualifed coach is one of his regrets. As much as I'll want to run during them four days, as there's no reason why I wouldn't, I haven't done anything to deserve this break, I'm going to listen to him. The safest bet is to only bring two pairs of running socks and vests with me so I'll only have enough for the two days I'll have to run.

I'm not going to know myself... beaching it up on a tropical island with a cocktail in my hand. Heaven!!

Now, if only the 23rd would come along faster.
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