Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The marathon is that way!"

Wouldn't you know that some cheeky scamp would shout that at me as I was doing my long run on Sunday after I finished watching the London marathon on TV? I was actually surprised that he was the only one to shout it.

It was a great marathon to watch and I was super impressed with Ryan Hall's efforts, especially when he was dropped by the lead pack at around 14/15 miles to dig in and rejoin them later in the race. Granted he may not have won but a 2 minute PR is really impressive.

The marathon started off like a beautiful sunny day before getting hit with huge rain showers by the end of it. That kind of summed up the weekend here and my long run on Sunday. One minute it was blue skies, then pissing rain, then sunny, then hail and so on for two bloody days! At one stage on my long run I was too warm on with the Under Armour gear on before I was drenched to the skin with 5 miles to home. By the time I got home my hands had frozen and I struggled with the keys to the house for a while. To think that when I was watching the marathon at 9am I thought to myself that I'd be able to go out in a vest!

I missed yesterdays training with some dodgy stomach cramps that lasted 8 hours. From midday to 8pm I was doubled over, but at 8 I was back to 100%. Fairly odd altogether. At first I was freaked that it was some kind of virus that was going to prevent me from being able to eat for the day. I knew that if that was the case racing this weekend would be out the window. By the time I started to feel better I'd already decided that I was missing training. I was just thankful that I managed to eat a full dinner without a reoccurrence of the pain.

This evening I should be doing some speedwork to get prepared for the race. Something along the lines of 14 x 1 minute intervals with a 90 second jog in between. It's the same session I did last Friday, and on Friday it went shockingly well. Some of the intervals blew me away at how fast I was actually going. Here's hoping today's will be just as good.
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