Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moving to the track

After a very long conversation with my coach yesterday I realised this morning...

Shit, I'm going to need more runners!

Fairly lively I'll be starting into training for track races. I haven't raced track before but apparently I'll be taking part in 1500m, 3000m and 5000m over the coming months. It all starts in May. I've been told not to worry about anything, to leave all that to the coach. I can deal with that.

Before that all starts I've a 10km road race scheduled for three Sundays time. I may get one or two sessions in on the track before that but more than likely it won't be until nearer the end of this month before the real burn my ass of track training starts.

Something new and different to look forward to I suppose. The times my coach is predicting for my 5000m is a fair chunk faster than where I'm at now. As he always says, a fast 5k means you can run a fast 10k, and if you can run a fast 10k, you can run a fast 10 miles.... and so on...
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