Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Running to the background for a while

Right so, I'm leaving you for a week. My holiday starts in a few hours and I can't wait. Work is being left behind so I'm not even going to look at a computer while I'm away - when you're on a tropical island who looks for internet access??

Likewise, I've been told by my coach to forget about running. I'm not allowed to even think about it. If someone brings up running in conversation I'll just have to change the topic quick smart. To make things easier I'm not going to even tell anyone new that I meet that I dabble in the odd bit of running!

This is my break from it all so I'm sure as hell going to enjoy every last minute of it. On that note I'll say goodbye to the blog for a week and will update it with tales of cocktails in a hammock when I return.
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