Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time to play sleep catch up

As this week has started out so hectically I feel like I'm now in a taper mode. Tonight is going to be a night in with Champions League football on the box. A simple but effective evening.

The week so far. I felt grand on Monday after the slightly faster than slow long run on Sunday, which was a nice! I finished work a tad early to get a run in before heading out to the Silver Mount Zion gig. I was surprisingly light footed on the run around the park. I had been expecting to have to slog around after the long run the previous day, but no, it was fairly handy. The gig went on quite late but it was definitely worth the trip out. First time seeing them live, they're the kind of band whose live performance is miles ahead of their recordings. That said, I love the albums, so it says a lot about their performance.

Monday was kind of like a warm up to what I had in store for myself Tuesday; both training and gig wise.

As everyone around here seems to be tapering for the London marathon on Sunday I was left sans training buddies for my tough Tuesday sessions. I decided to take on a session that I hadn't done this far, that had me kind of nervous but also excited about doing. The session...
5 miles HARD!

Running this training session solo was not going to be nice; there'd be no one to make sure I'd finish it, no one to pace it, it wasn't like a race where it's hurting but you have to finish, this was training, of course I could stop.
Race shoes on, watch left behind, I left the house ready and jogged about for 2 miles. Using the course from my last race was ideal as it's a traffic free, measured 5 mile loop. It was everything I thought it would be... Hell! I started fast (too fast?!) and struggled to stay with it. I don't think I was comfortable for any stage of it and when I finished (I didn't quit, even though my head said to... repeatedly) I was completely shattered.

But it didn't stop there... a 2 mile jog home, followed by me putting the oven on to preheat while I stretched. Pizza in the oven while I showered and then out the door to another gig. This time Holy Fuck. I swear if I'd sat down for a minute I'd have gone to sleep so the best thing was to keep moving!

This gig was absolutely amazing. First off the support act were great (Free Blood) and had me swaying and bopping a bit. By the time they finished I'd already felt like I got my monies worth. I'd never heard of them or anything by them before last night but their live act was great fun.

Then Holy Fuck... if I could run to music, this is the music I'd run to! Quite un-me like I was dancing from start to finish of their set. This was probably aided by the few pints I had to make sure I didn't get too tired too early.

So aye, after two gigs, two late nights, a heavy training session and no chance of a lie in because of work I'm relieved that tonight is an easy night (both socially and training)...

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