Monday, April 7, 2008

What a difference a few days make

On Friday evening I was in the park, running around the football pitches, wearing vest and shorts, banging out the intervals. Great session, great day, the start of glorious summer evenings. Saturday night I go to bed and wake up 3 months ago!! There was a sheet of snow across London... We escaped this in December, January and February, but now with the heating turned off in the house, we get snow!! Take me back to the south of France....

Anyway on a training note. Last week as the clocks had gone forward I decided to make the most of the longer evenings by running after work and increasing the mileage slowly. I do mean slowly, I simply added a single mile to a few of my easy runs. There's no great necessity to increase the mileage that much at the moment so I'm not going to force myself to do any extra, if I feel fresh after 8 miles then I'll throw in another one, if I feel done after 8 I'll head on home.

As I said on Friday it was an interval session again. I jogged out a few miles warm up first off and then went into 12 x 1 minute burst with 90 seconds jog in between and then a few miles warm down. My whole summer last year was based on this session so it was nice to get back into it. The aim now is to build that up to around 16 x 1 minute.

Yesterday, snow or not I had to get the long run in. I'd been told by my coach that this week he wanted me to go up a gear from the usual easy long run. I've been doing these runs religiously since December at a slow pace. This weekend however I had to find that gear somewhere in between easy and steady. I think I found it! I wasn't too tired when I finished... actually that's a lie, my legs were fine but after I got out of the shower jumping into bed was the easier option than getting dressed.

This week should be fun trying to juggle training and gig going. The gigs start tonight with Thee Silver Mount Zion. I've finally figured out how to juggle work and training so it seems about right that I throw something else into that mix!
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