Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back on track

Tuesday night so the beginning of my track training for the summer. The current focus on a Tuesday will now be on speed endurance on a track which should hopefully make the 12 laps around and around seem a bit easier. Hopefully it'll give me a bit of rhythm on the track as well, but this'll probably take a month to six weeks of training before it's developed.

The session on Tuesday was 7 x 1200m with 90-110 seconds recovery in between. As it was my first time down with this crowd I just set myself nicely into the back of the first group and on we went. I felt good through out and felt that there was always a little extra kick there if I needed it. As I don't like racing my training it's good to know that I was holding that little bit extra back. Saying that though by the end I was fairly tired with tight hamstrings and calf muscles. All in all a good session and a good start to the season.

The other speed session I'm doing this week will be 10 x 300m with about a minute recovery. I'll be doing this session tomorrow and on grass rather than at the track. I've also been given strict instructions not to time this session on the watch as it's the beginning of the speed work. I've been told to do them strong and I should be able to tell that they're strong without a watch telling me. The watch however will not be left at home as I have to time the recoveries.

The next race looks like it'll be a 3,000m in two weeks time. It coincides with the Champions League final which I'm not too happy about but I have to set my priorities.
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