Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bad Week

Chez Private everything seemed to break over the course of a few days last week. First the microwave went, then the boiler busted on Wednesday meaning no hot water or heating, then I dropped my mobile and broke the screen on it and then to top it all off the toaster called it quits on Saturday. Nothing seemed to be going right...

A bit stressed with everything going against me I headed out for my Sunday run hoping that 14 miles would make me feel better. Within 4 miles a fly decided to hitch a lift in my eye. The lazy bastard remained there for the final 10 miles and no matter how many times I tried to throw him out he seemed quite content to stand his ground and it wasn't until I got home and to a mirror that the little bugger was successfully ejected. Add to that annoying cramps and I can't say I was in a great mood returning home to my cold shower.

A new week, a new dawn and all that. Let's see. Out of all the broken devices we've got the boiler fixed as of yesterday. That's probably the most important so thankfully that's back - God knows when the rest of them will be sorted. Really it's only the phone that's up to me to fix, the others are up to the landlord. But I know me and it's going to be a while before I sort the phone out.

As I'm hitting the track tomorrow for a 3000m race there's no speedwork tonight, just a 4 mile jog around the park with the possibility of 3 or 4 bursts of around 250m. Yesterday was also a slightly shorter jog than usual, 6 miles instead of the normal Monday 8. The legs are feeling fairly decent, one or two niggles that I've been carrying for a few months are still there. I think they'll be there for another while now so I don't even count them in my evaluation of how I'm feeling.
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