Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finding the right rhythm

Talking with my coach over the past few days it seems that he's quite happy with how last Friday's track session went. When we first discussed track training, all them weeks back, he maintained that it's all about finding a rhythm and that this would take a good ten to sixteen sessions. As I got decent times on Friday without feeling like I had to overly push myself shows that I'm starting to get this rhythm in my legs now. It's still early days but I'm definately heading in the right direction.

The aim at the moment is for a big 5000m race at the end of June or the beginning of July. Like the training on the track taking time to come about, I've been told that the races will be the same. The first few are all about me finding this rhythm before I'll have the race that I'll be happy with. With that in mind I have to pencil in a few races before the 5000m that I'm targetting. So next week I'll take on another 3000m. Hopefully the field will be more or less the same as last weeks, so I'll know who to stick to at the start, rather than getting stuck on my own again.

Training this week so far:
Monday: 8 miles easy
Tuesday: 8 x 800m
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