Monday, May 26, 2008

Going up a gear

My phone was buzzing all day yesterday with different people telling me how they got in marathons or how people they know got on... it all started at 4am with a text from my mate in Australia and continued on after I woke with texts about people who had just completed the Edinburgh marathon. It's one sure fire way to make you jealous and also to put that bit of extra effort into the Sunday long run!

Recently I was advised by someone to possibly cut down my 15 mile run on Sundays to about 12 miles to allow for a bit of further zip in the legs for the midweek speed sessions. This does make perfect sense but the confidence I get from all these long runs makes me continue with them.

Yesterday for example was one of the perfect Sunday runs. The longer I was out the stronger I felt, each stride just seemed to be more powerful than the ones earlier on. Obviously from time to time I did feel a bit tired but this seemed to pass by very quickly. No matter how slow you go out at the 15 miles will always tire you by the end, so it's nice to see that when I put the extra bit of effort in that I was no more tired than I usually would be going at a slower pace.

On Friday I was down at the local track for some 400s. I was tempted not to do the session, well not "not do it" but do something different like an 8 mile easy run, as I had race two days before hand. In the end I thought I may as well do it but just not kill the 400s. Strong but not fast. The session was identical to the Friday before hand, 8 x 400m with about a minute, a minute-fifteen recovery. As I hit the stop button after the first one I was surprised to see 1:12 looking back at me.
Second one 1:10
Shit, last weeks were all 1:12s and 1:13s and they hurt... this isn't hurting... yet!
Third, 1:10, forth, 1:10, fifth, 1:10, sixth 1:10
Seventh, 1:12 - there we go, slowing down now... only one to go mind, one last push
Eighth 1:11

Granted I really should be doing ten plus repeats of 400, but finding these ones that much faster than the week before, with less effort has filled me with some confidence. There'll be another 3000m in a few weeks that I really should attack with a bit more aggression than last weeks.

I'm starting to feel that things are going in the right direction now... and there's still a long way to go in the season
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