Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Goodbye old friend!

The Asics Kayano have run their last run. After a 6 mile run on Monday I could feel it in my shins that the time had come to say goodbye. So that's that I've retired them. According to my training log they managed a whooping 548 miles which I reckon must be the most any of my shoes have managed since I found out about 4 years back that there is actually a limit to the amount you should run in a shoe. I think by cutting them back to just the shorter runs over the past few months while using another pair for my Sunday long runs has probably increased their life somewhat. From here on in I reckon I'll be alternating the runners I use for the main mileage runs each week. It could save me a pair of runners a year which'd be nice.

Tonight is race night which also means that I miss the Champions League final. I'm not too impressed with that. If I could manage to get home without knowing the score I could watch it as live at 22.30. Chances are that one of the girls in the house would say something to me if I do somehow manage to get home without hearing anything. I'm doubtful about that and all.

I gave myself an hour extra in bed today as I didn't want to be up at 6.40am, then work all day, then commute for an hour to the track, then race absolutely knackered. Hopefully the extra hour in bed will keep me somewhat more alert this evening. I'm hoping for a lung busting fast race tonight. I think the tactic is going to be head out conservatively fast for the first lap and then dig in and try to stay with the front runners. I'm feeling a bit more confident that I'll be able to hang on to a fast pace. Here's hoping my gut instincts are right.
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