Friday, May 16, 2008

I am still out here....

I can't believe a week has passed since we last spoke. I've been juggling work, running and socialising this week and it's been tough to say the least. Between training in a new location on a Tuesday that is miles from where I live and a few gigs I haven't been in the house one evening this week. That's meant that the minute I've finished up work I've had to train, eat and head out the door again. Quite hectic but I'm loving every minute of it. These gigs are one of the main reasons I moved from France to London so there'd be something wrong if I wasn't enjoying it all.

The world of training then... Friday saw me head to the park and throw on my spikes and have a stab at a 10 x 300m session. The recovery in between was to be between one minute and ninety seconds. After half way I had to increase the recovery from the one minute I'd started with to 75 seconds. It worked out being a much tougher session than I'd expected but I was delighted to with the effort I put in to finish it.

The parks were completely and utterly rammed with people all weekend as the weather was well and truely of the summer variety. On Sunday I joined everyone in the park, although initally I was the mad eejit doing a 15 mile run in temperatures in the high twenties! After a cold bath it was back to the park for some proper relaxation. If we get a few more weekends like last week then I'll be more than happy to spend the summer in London.

Tuesday's session was a speed endurance workout on the track. A few 5 minute intervals at 10km pace. Throw in a few easy jogs on the other days and we're up to speed on the last seven days of training. Tonight I'll be hitting the local track and either doing the same session as last Friday at the park or maybe 10 x 400m. 400s on the track last year were by far and away my favourite session so I may go for that this time.

Oddly enough though from all the dancing at Battles on Wednesday night my left calf is rock hard, completely stiff. I seriously can't get over it - I rarely suffer from my calf muscles being stiff; maybe after a race with a few hills, but after a bit of dancing?!? I probably didn't make things any better by then repeating the same antics last night at Caribou. No more gigs until Tuesday so my left calf has some form of rest over the weekend... Except for the obvious training of course...
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