Friday, May 23, 2008

Race Report #7 - 3000m (9m 49s)

Another first for me this year. So far we've had my first cross country race, first 5km race, first track race and now my first 3000m race!

As I've been fierce busy of late I haven't got around to seeing my coach so this race I had to make the race plan myself. I went with starting out at around 75 second lap pace and trying to stick with it. Considering last week I managed 8 x 400m at 72 second pace with a rest between each one, trying to replicate that with no rest was going to be damn near impossible!

As with the last race I got myself well warmed up, the idea was to arrive at the starting line sweating and I was. Everyone has their own warm up routine depending on the race. For this mine was a brisk 25 minute jog with a few strides in between. Then, once the spikes were on, a few more 50-75m bursts on the track with a run/jog back.

As I didn't want to head off to fast in the race I placed myself in the middle of the pace, but found out after 200m that this was a bit too slow as the leaders had got a 75m lead over us. The first two lads were gone like the clappers so there was no chance of ever catching them - they were a different level to where I'm at - but there were others to be caught. So unfortunately at 200m I had to make a surge to overtake the guy in front and run alone to try make up that 75m gap.

I got through the first lap in 76 seconds, so just off what I'd hoped. Over the course of the next few laps the gap stretched to 100m between myself and the next guy in front of me, my lap times had also stretched slightly to around 78 seconds where I think they stayed for the remainder. I find it odd that for once I'm able to give people an idea of my splits as I usually go on with no watch. In fairness that hasn't changed, the difference here is that there was some lad shouting the splits to us every 400m!

Overall I'm happy-ish with how it all went. It is after all only the second race on the track and there'll be plenty more. I do feel that having to run the whole race solo impacted my time somewhat. Granted there was someone 100m a head of me that I was concentrating on keeping there rather than letting him get further a head but it would have been nice to have been in the middle of a fast group at the start. Maybe I shouldn't have been so conservative about the start and just gone hell for leather and tried to stick with the pace - it is only 7 and a bit laps after all. The good thing is that after two races I know the standards of the guys I'm racing against, who I should be sticking to at the start and who I shouldn't be. So next time we should see some improvement on this outing
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