Friday, May 2, 2008

Return of the real world

What a week! The fun that was had... and apparently I can still do a fair whack of drinking. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing but there was a lot of it going on for the first four days before I cooled the jets a bit.

I stuck to the plan and didn't think about running once, didn't talk to anyone about it, certainly didn't do any and pretty much did the exact opposite of what my running brain would normally tell me not to do. The plan was to take a break from it for four days and then recommence normality somewhat over there.

I managed to get out for an hour one of the evenings I was there. Getting the chance to get out was tough as during the hours of sun light the temperatures were 30C and in the space of 10 minutes between 6 and 6.10 the sun would set and it'd be pitch black, leaving no chance of a run in the dark. In the end I had to go out and do the run in the heat. It pretty much hurt to get back to it but I have to say I was glad to get that one run in during my time there. The initial plan was for two over there but there was no hope in hell I could run the day after the wedding (free bar!) so in the end I settled for one.

I'm only back a day at this stage and already I'm getting ready for a race. Tomorrow I'm heading to the track to have my first race there. I'm not too sure what distance I'll be doing but I'm hoping to get a 5000m race in. Obviously preparation hasn't been ideal - a 12 hour flight in the middle of the week, drinking my annual supply of alcohol units in 4 nights, not a lot of running, and uhm... absolutely zero speedwork since the last race. As I said, far from ideal, but sure the break could have done me the world of good...
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